Steps to get rid of openload pair or olpair kodi error pair or is one of the most common error in Kodi. If you are a frequent user of Kodi you may be familiar with this error. Whenever you select an Addon for watching movies or Tv shows, it will start to scrape the list of servers that provide you with video streaming. Openload is a popular and stable server platform. When you select an openload server, an error will occur and a pop-up appears saying Openload Stream Authorization with a URL requesting for openload co pair site. The pairing site may differ based on your location.

This error can be solved by the following method.

What is or error and why do we get it?

Openload is a server which provides movies, TV shows/sports related videos. When there is a huge demand for the site, then the server may lead to a crash. In order to avoid the crash, the server uses the concept of stream authorization. In stream authorization, you need to pair your IP with Openload. One more important thing is that the IP pairing lasts only for 4 hours. For continue streaming the pairing has to be done for every 4 hours.

Guides to fix or error in Kodi

we will provide three methods to resolve this error. this error is found common when you try to access openload server in add-ons like the exodus, Neptune rising and some more.

Method 1:

  • When the error occurs, you can find a link on the tab for pairing.
  • enter the URL: in a web browser
  • clear the captcha and select pair
  • once your IP is paired, it will show that your IP is successfully paired.

Note: If you are using Firestick TV, download chrome or else try with some other devices (laptop, pc or mobile) connected to your network.

Method 2:

This is an alternative method. If you are a Kodi user and you use a few add-ons on frequent, you can try this.

  • Go to the particular Add-on setting (for example take Digital Cinema).
  • On the left, you will have a list of options. Select playback
  • then on the right side, you can find Hosters with captchas.
  • Disable it. (disabling hosters with captchas will hide the streams that require authorization for streaming).

Method 3:

This is an advanced method. when you have a big list of add-ons and encountering such pairing issues, this would be a better option to go.

  • Select the Setting icon at the top left of the homepage.
  • Select System settings.
  • Select Add-ons
  • Select Manage dependancy
  • A list will settings will appear, Select URL resolver.
  • Select configuration.
  • ┬áSelect Resolver 4, It will show a list of servers.
  • Search for openload and disable it. ( This will hide the openload sever from your stream list).


After trying these three methods, you will nolonger encounter or issues. If you have any quarries or any feedback, kindly comment below.



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