Warframe Hildryn

How To Get Hildryn Easily In Warfram?

Warframe Hildryn is one of the most loved Warframe builds by the players. She is physically a strong Warframe build who makes use of her own shields as her source power. This Warframe Build can fortify her squad simply and destroy her rivals.

Also, Hildryn is the unique Warframe build because she is the first Warframe Build that you could not farm instantly at her release. Instead, you’ll only be able to get its Blueprint to unlock her parts. In this blog, we’ll guide you on how to get the best Warframe Hildryn Build for your gameplay. 

The Warframe Hildryn Build comes with some special abilities that offer strength to the Warframe to destroy the foes. Below, we’ve mentioned the abilities of Warframe Hildryn Build.

  • Balefire
  • Pillage
  • Haven
  • Aegis Strom

How to get Hildryn Build

Choosing the aura mods to construct this Warframe build highly depends on the play style and players’ preference. The Passive ability of this Build depends on its own shield to deal with the damage with the energy pool. Hence, equip it with the Rejuvenation mod. The pistol amp of this Warframe Build will be great to use. 

Warframe Hildryn

1. Balefire Charger Hildryn Build

You can get this build by using its first ability, Balefire. This Warframe Hildryn Build comes with the built-in electric harm that deals with the high damage. Primed Pistol Gambit or Primed Target Cracker has a low chance to deal with the harm. Hence, use Augur Pact, Elemental mod, or Hornet striker with the damage output.

Anemic Agility and Gunslinger are great options in order to reduce the charge time. In case, if you love to create your own Warframe Hildryn Build, then remember, it may not increase your damage output with the mods that features puncture, slash, and impact to you.

2. Balefire Canon Hildryn Build

This Warframe Build is one of the strongest Build which is pretty straightforward and simple to use. This Hildryn Build will be well-suitable for assassination targets, High-level missions, Shadow stalkers, and much more. The Balefire charge of this Warframe will be used as cannon and engenders a massive area of damage. Make use of Umbral Intensify to deal with the damage output. In case, if you don’t have it, then use Intensify. 

Redirection mod will be included automatically in all Build. Fleeting Expertise mod will deal with the energy cost for every harm. The Primed Vigor is one of the ultimate beasts of this Warframe. Stretch and Cunning Drift can be used to enhance the explosion radius. Even you can change them to mods like Streamline, Power Drift, or Fast Deflection. 

3. Area of Effect Hildryn Build

If you are in search of Warframe Build, then create huge damage to the farm enemies. This Warframe Hildryn Build mainly focuses on other abilities to kill the group of enemies. You can combine Aegis Storm and Haven’s ability because this combination will disable your enemies and help to deal with the AoE damage. 

To increase the range, you can use Augur Reach, Cunning Drift, and Stretch. Remember, you should not use Blind Rage or Overextended as it may drain your energy. Primed Flow and Redirection will help you to maintain the energy drain that is caused by Primed Continuity and Fleeting Expertise. 


Warframe Hildryn Build is a unique and strong Warframe Build. It is simple and quite fun to play Build in Warframe. So, get the best Warframe Hildryn for your gameplay and be the destroyer in the battleground. Thank you!

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